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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Piper Band Scottie

The Pretoria Boys Gathering was held at Pretoria Boys High School in Pretoria, Gauteng on Saturday, 11 June 2011. I fell into this event whilst walking about with my friends Richard and Susan. We heard the drums and the pipers of course, and walked into the boy's school to see a huge gathering and competition happening. What fun; great sound, sharp and colorful uniforms, and wonderful vendors of everything under the sun. The pipers were fantastic.

 Not all entertainment is dramatic theatre, but it is full of characters and drama!

The clans were serious about their uniforms to the point that tucked into the stocking of the right leg is a sgian dubh knife.
And the bands performed well, with several judges scrutinizing their every drumstick twirl and bag pipe note. Here are a two of the judges:

 The African Sky Pipe Band below is taking the field of competition.
 And since it was also a gathering, a rasher of characters abounded.

The competitors checked each other out...
whilst a master (Transvaal Scottish) looks on...

 Wonderful afternoon, ne? If anyone knows how to identify the bands according to their plaids, I would love to know that as I have pics of many bands and the drum heads are not always facing to where I can read the names, drop me a comment. Thanks!

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