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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Final Jabulani Update with Photos Courtesy of Denis Hutchinson, Theatre Consultant

Jabulani, the new theatre complex opened in Soweto Johannesburg, South Africa on Friday May 25 2012. The TimesLive called it “…an assortment of colorful boxes.”, and continues its story to explain the box shape aids in the acoustics. Here is their link:

DWR Distribution posted the best article from a theatre technician's view point. Load of pictures, lots of excitement, great technical information! Here is the link!

The BBC provides this short video report featuring the first show in the space rehearsing. (You have to wade past advertisement to get to the video unfortunately.)

AlJazeeraEnglish provides this very nice video of the theatre without advertisements. It features the theatre as well as tries to summarize the historic riotous events that shaped Soweto.

And finally, is a link to the www. article boasting of their great award for the theatre design, the “…social / environmental impact development prize, which recognises and measures the positive impact of any development on its surroundings and region.”

At the end of the above report, there are links to 5 more stories about the theatre.

I’ll close now with some final images provided by Denis Hutchinson.

The proscenium stage now has its floor, fly system, and seating in place. Photo by Denis Hutchinson.

Stage employees begin the hanging and focusing of the lighting instruments. Photo by Denis Hutchinson.

This view of the proscenium stage shows the stage left corner and part of the seating including side balcony. The red acoustic tiles help provide even more red color complimenting the upholstery on the audience seating. An employee is getting the final construction dust off the floor. Photo by Denis Hutchinson.

Here is an image of the “front” of the theatre featuring the separately coloured and shaped boxes for each theatre. A groundskeeper tends to the new landscaping which will add some beautiful relief to the building site.  Photo by Denis Hutchinson.
Pictured here is a walkway to the theatre, bordered by brand new trees and covered by awnings reminiscent of the Sidney Opera House. Photo by Denis Hutchinson.