Perception---you have that power.

There is purpose in design. There is information in a setting. There is truth in your environment. Fake or real, it's there.

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Monday, November 23, 2009


I relish the opportunity to understand and make settings or environments easier and more enjoyable for others to understand. I illustrate plausible worlds, some of which have strange laws. I do this in 2D and 3D and am learning more and more about representing new worlds.

Everyone unconsciously creates their "place". When others see it, they form a thought about it. Artists and creators create this sense of place on purpose.

In this blog I show and discuss other worlds as encountered or presented by their creators. I entertain thoughts and reactions to selected environments.

In the image above, I see carved wooden lattice work and other antiques. It is from a Chinese antiques factory. Now, is it really old or made to look old? You have the opportunity to consider this, and decide if it makes a difference. By the way, the light in the workroom was fabulous; just what an artist wants.