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There is purpose in design. There is information in a setting. There is truth in your environment. Fake or real, it's there.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Learned Ladies South African Style

In reality, doing a play by Moliere in any language is a _mouthwrappedaroundallofthewords_challenge.

For the University of Pretoria, I decided to keep things simple yet Baroquely fluffy by streamlining the designs to dancewear, camping clothes, pantaloons, tights and jeans with jackets and overskirts of any period flavour. Imagine, if you will, Cirque du Soleil meets Seattle Goth and you've got an idea of our inspiration. Not everything was 50/50 but the character's stock personalities (archetypical stock characters for the 18th century) came out well.

Alise is the doddering sister of Chrysalus....we did change the gender on this one.
And Belise is the romantically confused sister of Chrysalus.

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