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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trees, Birds, Lizard, Dogs, Cat and Horse

Johannesburg is a city full of trees, and right now many of them are purple.  The Jacaranda are not indigenous, as they are imports from South America.  They are beautiful but thirsty trees.

Jacaranda Trees line many Johannesburg streets.
Garden cats abound, are great hunters, and lend an air of elegance to many environments.
Garden cat in his leafy cathedral.
Grey Loeries are learning to forage right about now. I counted 5 fledglings. They are learning their "Go Away" calls.
These young  Grey Loeries look sleepy.
The weaver bird continues to rebuild nests his mate tears apart. I do wonder which nest has the fledglings. In this picture the weaver bird is inside, weaving and tying knots.

Male Masked Weaver bird is inside this new nest, rotating himself around as he weaves and ties knots. If you blow it up you can see his black beak!
Above the Witpoortje waterfall in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens I saw this lizard on the rocks.
Everyone seems to have a dog or two. Some even have horses...I got to visit the Honeypines Stables.


Flapping sacking barriers sometime spook horses, but not this one!
A "Sangoma" tree. Named so because in resembles a Sangoma collecting herbs.
 Many more creatures abound such as insects and cool creepy crawlies, but I'll save those for later. Flowers, by the way, are simply gorgeous right now.

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