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Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Lighting Instruments Found at Wits

An old floodlight found at the Wits Theatre
Every theatre needs to have an instrument that looks so old it is older than Yoda, right? Here's a floodlight that fits the description.
And here is the view from the front:
Looking at the front end of the floodlight showing the pebbled aluminum reflector.
And, to contrast that old instrument with modernity, here are two favourites: the Source Four Zoom and the Martin 300.
The Source Four Zoom continues the trend of South African lighting designers prefering zoom instruments over fixed angle instruments.  

The Martin 300
  And at the cyc are these quad cyclights:
A Quad Cyclight.
And the sidelighting work horse of this theatre is the Par Can, pictured below.
Par Can
Promoting the snazzy city feeling in the lobbies, the directional signs are done in neon lights.
Directional signs in the Wits Theatre complex are done in neon lighting. It makes the theatre look trendy!

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