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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scottish Festival Personalities: War Re-enactors and Artists

As I travel around the world I am always interested in the choices people make for personal adornment. This could be as simple as deciding which earrings to wear to deciding how to complete a serious re-enactment outfit. At the Oklahoma Scottish Festival I saw a good bit of both, and also noted that somehow 19th century artillery re-enactors got involved in the festival, too. They even got to shoot off their cannons.
River West Festival Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma
This handsome fellow roamed the festival.

The performers had to shift for themselves, it seems. This musician re-worked the sound system to make things better.
Scottish Musician
Scottish music abounded throughout, but my acoustic favorite was these harpers. A whole stage full of them created quite an astounding sound!
Potters, it seems can visit every fair and fit right in, Scottish or not. This lady had the patience of a saint as children would ask her many, many questions. She had excellent skills and was throwing well-balanced wares on her wheel as we watched.
This father and son duo caught my eye and I asked if I could take their picture. They were delighted, and very happy to pose. I believe they were not unique in their zeal for the fair, but they looked like they had the most fun.
Father and Son Duo
At the MacPherson tent, I found the patriarch tuning on a set of parlor pipes. Excellent playing, and his hands were astoundingly agile and delicate as they coursed over the holes. Wonderful clan with whom I could be associated!
This black shirted and kilted onlooker framed nicely the father and son in Kilted regalia. The Scottish Festival is being passed down to the next generation for sure.
This ends my blogs on the OKScottsFest. What designed event will catch my eye next?

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