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Sunday, December 12, 2010

University of Johannesburg's Fanstastic Theatre Part 2

Public, Rehearsal and Greenroom Areas
The administrative offices have a small lobby with good natural light, and a swish decor. Notice the black and white Nguni skin rug on the floor compliments the art deco style furniture and the black and white photographs on the wall.
Just off the office lobby, employees have a great office kitchen area.
Here's a better view of the countertop with sink and good storage.

The greenroom is central to all of the stage entrances, the private dressing rooms, and the chorus dressing rooms. It features natural light from the skylight up left in the photo.

This is one of the chorus dressing rooms. It has good air ventilation, good counterspace, and two sinks and a shower.
This is the other chorus dressing room as viewed through the doorway. It also has sinks and a shower.
On the mirror above the sinks I saw this poster. These are the 5 golden rles for the performers in the TV show being filmed on the U. J. stage: PROESSTRAAT. Translated from the Afrikaans, here's the rules:
1. Accept other actor's offerings and develop it by responding.
2. Help with story ideas by actively listening. Look for one another especially in words and do not draw double focus problems.
3. Re-incorporate earlier ideas themselves.
4. Justify everything you do and say.
5. Play fair and have fun.
The University of Johannesburg choir rehearsal room.
This is one of the two dance rehearsal rooms. Both rooms feature one wall of windows and natural light coming from a skylight on the inner wall.
This is the second dance rehearsal room. Both rooms have extra long mirrors to accomodate viewing of high body lifts and jumps. Aesthetically, the mirrors are the same height as the windows.
The dance barre that runs along the windows would be a great place to dream of wonderful choreography. The bottom windows open for ventillation. The exterior overhang prevents direct sunlight from drying out the dance floor.
Look for the next post which will describe the backstage areas, and the post after that which will describe the lighting areas.

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