Perception---you have that power.

There is purpose in design. There is information in a setting. There is truth in your environment. Fake or real, it's there.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

conscious environments

Welcome to the blog in which I explore designing and recognizing new worlds. All artists/creators help give one a vision of another world besides one's own. I am a stage designer--a scenographer-- and really familiar with designing the environment for a theatre piece. What intrigues me, though, is the conscious work involved in creating environments for other realities: some made-up and totally not realistic, and some so real it touches you in your heart. Environments are about the inhabiting people. Sometimes the environment is more real than real. Have you ever turned your eyes onto a moment at just the right time to catch power behind it? Have you ever said, " Wow! Did you see that?" Well, when someone creates a moment like that on purpose, they've designed a new world for you to experience. Sometimes it happens when you see a play, and sometimes it happens when you read a book or listen to music. You willingly disbelieve you are sitting in a dark auditorium and believe you are in the new world in front of you. You enter into the presented world. You cry, laugh, dance and in general carry on until the story ends. The theory is, that you have been changed in some way by the experience.

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